Company Greeting

At ILYOUNG FA CO., LTD. we have single handedly developed the Korean domestic valve industry and flow meter

business since our founding of the previous company, Hanyoung controls, in 1981. Since that time we have
done our best to supply the  best products through making a contract with the sales branch office of major Japanese
companies, such as, KEIHIN CO., LTD, TOKYO FLOWMETER CO.,LTD, etc.
With the founding of ILYOUNG FA in 1992, we succeeded in developing the pneumatic actuator ball valve, which has
yielded excellent results and profits in the domestic market.
Since the merger of ILYOUNG FA CO., LTD. and Hanyoung Controls in 1997, ILYOUNG FA CO., LTD.'s personnel
have continued to produce our product with pride, striving to make the best product. Under the motto of a
"declaration of eternal responsibility" coupled with our accumulated technology and reliability, ILYOUNG FA CO., LTD. is
committed to being a world leader in its field. If you have any questions about our patented valve and flow meters or
with to place an order, we will ensure a smooth process from ordering, to delivery, and beyond.
CEO Junghee Seo